Kylie Jenner Shares Details Of Her Life With Stormi In Twitter Tell All

The new Kylie Jenner — potential mommy vlogger Kylie Jenner — is candid , it turns out . Sunday night, Jenner answered fan questions about her highly secretive pregnancy with abandon. What was once the KarJenner's most closely-held family matter is now territory for Twitter AMAs, and we're not complaining! (More info about Stormi Webster , please!) Apropos of nothing, Jenner started answering questions Sunday evening, sharing details about her life with her month-old baby. The details we learned about Stormi Webster are as follows: She hasn't laughed yet. But she's smiley! Jenner is excited for Halloween and Christmas because she'll be able to dress Stormi up in baby costumes. The worst part about being pregnant was not being able to eat sushi — oh, and Stormi moved a lot. Stormi and Chicago are already best friends. (!!!) Like Khloé Kardashian, Jenner thought she'd be having a boy . Of all of Stormi's adorable qualities, her toes are Jenner's favorite.

Travis Scott, Stormi's father, is "the best" with his new child, and Jenner's weirdest craving during the pregnancy was Eggo waffles. Oh, and as one savvy fan pointed out, Jenner craved In-N-Out as well, against the advice of her doctor . (Jenner chronicled this craving in her 12-minute pregnancy announcement vlog .) She hasn’t laughed yet. But she smiles A LOT

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